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Hi, I'm Dakota



A native of Davis County, my roots run deep in this community. I was born in Bountiful and raised in the neighboring city of Layton, where I proudly graduated from Layton High School in 2014. Pursuing higher education, I dedicated my college years mainly to the Weber State Davis campus, culminating in my graduation from Weber State in 2020 where I studied Political Science, and became the first member of my family to graduate college.

Now, I'm all about Clearfield – loving life as a resident and homeowner. Tending to my darling home with my husband, Cole, and our two awesome dogs, We couldn't have found a better place to start our family. 


With a robust professional background, I have cultivated extensive expertise within the finance industry, primarily as a licensed mortgage originator. My tenure in this role allowed me to assist numerous families in Clearfield in realizing their aspirations of homeownership.

Presently, my dedicated endeavors are directed towards public service as an esteemed member of the Davis County Government, working in Community & Economic Development as the dedicated Housing Coordinator for the County. Within this capacity, I work diligently to manage & implement affordable housing programs; an issue that I am incredibly passionate about.


Previously, as a member of the Weber County Government, I have passionately championed the cause of taxpayers seeking vital financial support while efficiently administering property taxes. Having served as a liaison for elected officials further underscores my commitment to transparent and effective governance. I've also played an integral role in Utah's premier elections department, contributing to the state's electoral excellence.


A testament to my belief in inclusive governance, I proudly stand as a founding member of the Weber County Diversity Committee.


A Commitment to Clearfield

In the heart of this campaign lies a simple yet powerful principle: 'Not me, us.' This isn't about one individual striving for personal gain, but rather a collective journey towards a better future for all. My mission is to bridge divides, amplify voices, and champion the causes that truly matter to our community.


I believe that progress is achieved through unity and collaboration. It's about listening to the concerns of every citizen, understanding their struggles, and working together to find solutions. This campaign isn't driven by ego; it's fueled by a shared vision of a more inclusive, equitable, and compassionate city.

By putting 'us' before 'me,' I seek to uplift those who have been overlooked, empower those who have been silenced, and enact policies that prioritize the well-being of every member of our community.


This campaign isn't about empty promises—it's about rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, side by side.

So join me, not just as neighbors, but as partners in this journey towards a brighter tomorrow. Together, we can build a future that reflects the values, aspirations, and dreams of every individual who calls this place home. Because when we come together, there's no limit to what we can achieve—because together, it's not about 'me,' it's about Clearfield.

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